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NGI's mission is to forever make it's unique formulations available to everyone.

Utilizing a fair and straight-forward marketing program, administered to the highest degree of professionalism and  integrity; yet simple enough that everyone can be successful.

Al Bieser, President & CEO, NeuroGenesis, Inc.

A rewarding recipe for over 20 years.

Welcome Aboard!


Virtual Distributor Kit 
($20 One-time Distributor / Wholesaler Sign-up)
($29.95 +s/h Printed version available from NGI)

(Finalizing Construction, useable now.)

Distributor Application (Mail, Fax or email to NGI) Dist. Application  
IRS Form W-9  (USA only) (Mail, Fax or email to NGI)

IRS Form W-9


Direct Deposit Authorization Form (Mail, Fax or email to NGI) Direct Deposit Direct Deposit
*Above not required, but no commissions paid until completed.    
Distributor Training:    
NeuroGenesis, Inc. Policy & Procedures:

NGI Policy

NGI Policy
Information Manual: (35 pages) Info Manual Info Manual
NGI Compensation Plan    
Product Pricing    
Neu-Becalm'd (Core Formula) See Info Manual See Info Manual
Neu-Relieve (Benzos Recovery) Neu-Relieve Neu-Relieve
Neu-Replenish (Stimulant Recovery) Neu-Replenish Neu-Replenish
Neu-Recover (Depressant Recovery) Neu-Recover Neu-Recover
Neu-Slim  (Stop Carbohydrate Cravings) Neu-Slim Neu-Slim
Common ADD/ADHD Prescription Drugs ADD/ADHD Drugs ADD/ADHD Drugs
Prospect Concerns - Answered! Common Objections Common Objections
Attention Deficit Info - Education about leading sales issue. ADD/ADHD ADD/ADHD
Bipolar Info - Education about frequent issue. Bi-Polar Bi-Polar
Anti-Psychotics - Commonly Prescribed Anti-Psychotics Anti-Psychotics
Benzo Drugs - Commonly Prescribed Benzo Drugs Benzo Drugs
Opiod Analgesics (Pain Narcotics) Pain Drugs Pain Drugs
Glossary - What does it all mean? Glossary Glossary
Distributor Aids:    
Altered States - Dr. Terry Neher's Book (Printed copy available from NGI @ $2.95). Altered States.pdf  
Radio Info-mercial featuring Dr. Terry Neher. (13 minutes - 6/27/08) Radio_Info.mp3
Stop Smoking Brochure (.pdf copy) (order some real ones from your virtual office) SmokingBrochure.pdf  
Stop Smoking Program Fill-in Calendar (Neu-Slim + Neu-Becalm'd) StopSmoking.pdf StopSmoking.rtf
Print Business Cards- Template  Buy blanks @   BusCard.doc
Contact Info Stickers- 1"X2-5/8" (Avery #8160 label) Buy blanks @   BrochureSticker.doc

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